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Tip 5: Creating Sales Excellence

Tip 5: Creating Sales Excellence

Generating new leads should be viewed as an ongoing process and integrated into your day-to-day operations for maximum impact. Some tips:

Assign lead gen responsibility – Sales and marketing teams must have defined daily/weekly goals for lead generation activities like email outreach, content creation, events etc.

Build a prospecting culture – Your sales team needs to view lead prospecting and outbound nurturing of leads as core activities, not an ad-hoc project. 

Leverage multiple lead sources
– Diversity your lead generation across paid ads, organic search, referrals, events, email etc. This provides multiple inflows.

Nurture leads systematically – Have defined lead nurturing programs to move prospects from awareness stage to sales-ready e.g. email drip campaigns, free trials etc.

Monitor lead metrics – Track lead quality, volume, source, conversion rates etc. continually to identify what’s working well and areas needing improvement.

Test and refine – Keep testing new lead generation ideas and content formats to refine processes for better conversions.

Automate where possible – Tools like email automation, lead scoring, CRM can help streamline capturing and nurturing leads without manual effort.

Follow-up consistently – Set protocols for prompt, systematic follow up on all inbound leads to capitalize on initial prospect interest and intent.

In summary, new lead generation should become a core focus woven into your daily sales and marketing rhythms for sustained business growth.

The Zelacorp Lead Generation platform automates the leads prospecting process. Our location based targeting places your message in front of local buyers. We use a combination of Search Engine Optimisation, Telephony, Push Messaging and Email to automatically reach customers who are looking to buy. If you would like to learn more, book a call to discuss whether our technologies are a good match for bringing new customers into your business.