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Tip 4: Obtaining Marketplace Intelligence

Tip 4: Obtaining Marketplace Intelligence

Lead generation provides a pivotal source of marketplace intelligence that can inform strategic decisions and improvements for your business. Here’s how:

Identifies customer pain points – Prospect interactions during lead gen campaigns help you uncover pain points and unmet needs that prospects are facing. These insights can guide developing solutions.

Provides voice of customer data – Feedback and insights gleaned from leads and prospects constitute valuable voice of customer data to refine products and messaging.

Highlights marketing blindspots – Lead generation provides a reality check highlighting gaps between your messaging and promotions and customer priorities. This helps realign marketing.

Surfaces competitive intelligence – Interacting with prospects gives you valuable data on competitors’ offerings, pricing, and positioning. This intelligence helps shape strategy.

Reveals new opportunities – Dialogues with prospects across multiple segments, personaes, and demographics provides ideas and input for new products, features, and services to pursue.

Shapes better content – Analytics on lead generation content help identify topics and themes that resonate best with prospects. This allows creating targeted, relevant content.

Identifies ideal customer profiles – Lead data can reveal common attributes of your best prospects. This helps create ideal customer profiles to focus your outbound marketing.

Improves ROI – Lead gen provides data to optimize campaigns for better conversion rates and lower cost-per-lead. This improves marketing ROI.

In summary, lead generation is a valuable source of market data and insights that allows you to refine and improve nearly all aspects of your business for growth.


The Zelacorp Lead Generation platform automates the leads prospecting process. Our location based targeting places your message in front of local buyers. We use a combination of Search Engine Optimisation, Telephony, Push Messaging and Email to automatically reach customers who are looking to buy. If you would like to learn more, book a call to discuss whether our technologies are a good match for bringing new customers into your business.