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Tip 2 – Creating Sales Prospects

Tip 2: Creating Sales Prospects

Generating and capturing new leads allows you to build a sizable list of sales prospects. This lead list is invaluable for sales teams in these ways:

Lead nurturing – A lead list enables you to move prospects through a nurturing sequence to turn cold leads into sales-ready opportunities. Nurturing warms up prospects by educating them about your solutions to their needs. 

Drip campaigns – Your lead list enables running drip email campaigns that automatically send prospects useful info until they are sales ready. This scales your nurturing efforts. 

Lead segmentation – Your lead list can be segmented by criteria like lead source, profile, behavior etc. This allows personalized, targeted nurturing of each segment for better conversions. 

Event invites – Your lead list provides you access to prospects to invite to webinars, events and trade-shows. This gives additional touchpoints to build engagement. Retargeting ads – Leads that go cold can be re-engaged through retargeting ads on channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google etc. This brings them back into the pipeline. 

Referrals – Satisfied customers can make introductions to prospects from your lead list in their network, generating warmer referrals. 

Upselling/cross-selling – Existing customers on your lead list can be targeted with new offerings they may need. 

Winbacks – LAPSED prospects on your list can be won back with promotions and offers increasing repeat business. In summary, a lead list is a living asset that enables multiple sales & marketing tactics to generate more revenues.

The Zelacorp Lead Generation platform automates the leads prospecting process. Our location based targeting places your message in front of local buyers. We use a combination of Search Engine Optimisation, Telephony, Push Messaging and Email to automatically reach customers who are looking to buy. If you would like to learn more, book a call to discuss whether our technologies are a good match for bringing new customers into your business.